Blog 10: Blogging   

We’re supposed to summarize or showcase one resource that we found via our social learning services.  One of the parenthesized options was BLOGS, and that’s what I’m blogging about.

When we started class, I was not sure how I’d do as a blogger.  I watched Blogs in Plain English*  to try and understand what blogging entailed.  Now that we’re in the middle of our semester of Computer and Technology, I’m still not comfortable blogging, mainly because after clicking the POST button, I always think, “Oh, I should have said this,” or “Hmm, maybe, I should have written it this way.”

I know that I will be starting a classroom blog in the fall. Parents love seeing what their little ones are up to, and I hope to show them what we do in class and learn from the responses, too.  Blogging is a great way of spreading good news, and through the comments section, a great way of receiving feedback from the parents.

I used to write a weekly newsletter when I was lead teacher.  Now, I’ll be creating a blog.  I’ll be including photos of the students’ art as well as videos of planned and unplanned moments in the classroom.  I will also be able to hyperlink news articles that may be of interest to the parents and grandparents of my students.

The internet still seems like a vast, uncharted ocean to me.  But in this class, I’m being forced to venture out into that ocean.  Fortunately, there’s a good, strong captain guiding the boat, and I’m sure that by the start of the fall semester, I’ll be paddling steadily along on my own.



About palancatina

Teacher, Student, Facilitator. In Spanish, PALANCA means lever. An English Language student once told me how apt my name was because I lifted the class up into a higher realm of knowledge and understanding. I hope to live up to that!
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One Response to Blog 10: Blogging   

  1. robinkalley says:

    Tina, I think this is a great idea! I also want to create a classroom blog for my class. As you mentioned, it’s an easy and convenient way for parents, as well as grandparents and other family members, to stay updated and connected on a regular basis.

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