Flipped lesson

Because it’s more  fun to make these than to write about them…


This is for a preK class, with help from their parents or significant elders.

Getting the class to come up with actions/motions for the song in sequence would show how much they comprehend. (Assessment, preK style.)


About palancatina

Teacher, Student, Facilitator. In Spanish, PALANCA means lever. An English Language student once told me how apt my name was because I lifted the class up into a higher realm of knowledge and understanding. I hope to live up to that!
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9 Responses to Flipped lesson

  1. Love all your digital work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. sjknight says:

    Extra Credit! Great song…this would totally help me remember if I was in elementary school.

  3. hopemiles says:

    Loved this! The song was really creative and I loved the pictures that went along with the words. All youngsters love music! I like how you also mentioned what will be worked on next time you meet? What would be something the kids do between the time they watched this and when you meet next, such as a homework assignment?

    • palancatina says:

      Thanks, Hope. It’s preschool, so their assignment was to think up actions for the song. I guess I didn’t make it clear at the end, just implied it. If I did send this out on the class blog, there would be a written component for the parents to read. They children would be asked to point out the six stages of growth and to make up actions. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Mike says:

    It is great that you linked a song the kids would know. this would make it easier to learn.

  5. srahyab says:

    The song was great!! I love how you got it too all blend together perfectly! Children definitely remember songs faster than they remember reading!

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