Blog 17: about Mobile learning explained visually via Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is a blog written by Med Kharbach, who seems to like graphics, as many of his blogs feature them.  This blog (Mobile Learning Explained Visually) certainly uses drawings, graphs, icons, and trademarks.  The graphic for the main content of the blog, Are We Wired for Mobile Learning is full of information but presented in a trivia-like method.  It made me think of a storyboard for a presentation all laid out on one big sheet of paper.  Is this how digital natives think?  For me, there was too much information presented rather disjointedly. Is Mr. Kharbach preaching to his choir of digital natives? Then, he’s not reaching the audience that the topic should reach.  Older adults, especially teachers who are reluctant to move on with technology may be put off by the plain-ness of the piece.  Although the infographic is pretty to look at, it seems to be unfinished.  I was looking for it to be “put together” so that I could say, “Hey, I need to get on that.”

The main source of this “article” was VOXY.  So was it a veiled advertisement?



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Teacher, Student, Facilitator. In Spanish, PALANCA means lever. An English Language student once told me how apt my name was because I lifted the class up into a higher realm of knowledge and understanding. I hope to live up to that!
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