Blog 18: Social Learning Tool — SoundCloud


a simple presentation of something that is really simple to use

I’m leaving the bells and whistles to soundcloud itself!



About palancatina

Teacher, Student, Facilitator. In Spanish, PALANCA means lever. An English Language student once told me how apt my name was because I lifted the class up into a higher realm of knowledge and understanding. I hope to live up to that!
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6 Responses to Blog 18: Social Learning Tool — SoundCloud

  1. srahyab says:

    I LOVE your introduction! Your tone of voice was a great attention grabber! Great job Tina!!!!

  2. akc68021 says:

    I like that you included sound clips into your presentation. I think it would be a great tool in the classroom, however, I would think they would need a lot of assistance in using it. At least when they are starting for the first time. I would be interested to know how you would do that.

    • palancatina says:

      Because it was called soundcloud, I knew the presentation had to have links to sounds.
      For preschool, I envision doing the podcast with the students in the beginning, and then later involving parent volunteers to help with the recording and uploads. Also, I’m sure I’ll be learning from the children, since many of them are more technologically savvy than I am!
      Can you see yourself doing this with your own preschooler in a couple of years? But perhaps by then the technology will be radically different.

  3. palancatina says:

    Thanks, Sabera. Everyone was tired by then, so I had to wake them up!

  4. sjknight says:

    One of my favorite sites…the only way to share podcast in my opinion! All middle and high school kids should have an account. Not just to explore new music genres but with a visual look. Allows us to simply embed. great job:)

  5. palancatina says:

    I’m definitely sharing this with friends who have children that are into making their own music!

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