Blog 19: The Digital Divide

I believe this is one topic we rather skimmed over in class.  Because of all the new stuff we had to learn, the issue was pushed to the back of my mind, but not too far back, though. I consider myself low-tech in that I don’t have an iPhone or wireless connection at home, nor can I afford them.  I always wondered if the students we were going to teach would all have access to the internet for the flipped lessons and blogging assignments.

According to this article, only 3% of students from low-income families have internet access at home, and their schools’ internet services are limited as well.  Even in higher-income families, only 50% have home access. Many public libraries that have computers and free internet access are closing down due to lack of funding. So students without internet access rely on businesses that offer free access such as McDonald’s and Starbucks.

What it all boils down to is that technology is just another tool for teaching.  At the heart of it, a teacher is the one that has to reach the students to inspire them to discover the world, try something new, and venture out into uncharted frontiers. It us up to teachers to find out the needs of their students, help them define their goals, and lead them on the path to (dare I say it?) fulfillment.


About palancatina

Teacher, Student, Facilitator. In Spanish, PALANCA means lever. An English Language student once told me how apt my name was because I lifted the class up into a higher realm of knowledge and understanding. I hope to live up to that!
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