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Blog 19: The Digital Divide

I believe this is one topic we rather skimmed over in class.  Because of all the new stuff we had to learn, the issue was pushed to the back of my mind, but not too far back, though. I consider … Continue reading

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Blog 18: Social Learning Tool — SoundCloud

SOUNDCLOUD a simple presentation of something that is really simple to use I’m leaving the bells and whistles to soundcloud itself!  

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Blog 17: about Mobile learning explained visually via Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is a blog written by Med Kharbach, who seems to like graphics, as many of his blogs feature them.  This blog (Mobile Learning Explained Visually) certainly uses drawings, graphs, icons, and trademarks.  The graphic for … Continue reading

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Blog 16: Unit Grid and Lesson Plans

CFPalanca_554_final unit plan CFPalanca_Lesson Plan 1_554 CFPalanca_Lesson Plan 2_554

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Blog 15: Brain Rules

Dr. John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist, has put together 12 facts (which he calls rules) about how the brain works.  Most of the rules are not new: exercise makes your brain work better; a stressed brain doesn’t work well; … Continue reading

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Flipped lesson

Because it’s more  fun to make these than to write about them… This is for a preK class, with help from their parents or significant elders. Getting the class to come up with actions/motions for the song in sequence … Continue reading

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Podcast: Bug-eating Plants

Podcast for pre-K to Grade 3 students. Assessment activity: What do you think a pitcher plant looks like? Draw one (or a million) with the bugs that they might like to eat.

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